Paid Surveys FAQ

Here we give you the answers to frequently asked questions about paid surveys. For more tips and tricks about paid surveys, visit the Paid Survey Tips page. If your questions are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I really get paid to take online surveys in India?

Yes, you can really get paid to take online surveys. There are several paid survey companies that are open to Indian citizens. They all pay you to participate in paid surveys. The earning opportunity with paid surveys may not be as great for Indian citizens as compared to Americans, but the situation is fast changing. We will be featuring our experiences with online paid survey companies at our Paid Surveys Blog.

Why do companies pay me for taking Paid Surveys Online?

Paid survey sites are online divisions of market research companies. Market research companies conduct surveys and studies on behalf of major companies before they launch new products and services or modify existing ones. Online paid surveys are a convenient way of conducting market research. You will be rewarded for your time depending on the length of the study and other factors.

Will I be really able to make $75 an hour as promised in some advertisements?

No. Such claims are clearly not true and this had led to the impression that paid surveys are scams. The average paid surveys pay between $2 and $20 and generally take 5 to 30 minutes of your time.

Do I need to pay to join a survey site?

No, absolutely not. A legitimate paid survey site will never ask you to pay to join. Most sites that ask you only give you a database of companies that you can join to take paid surveys. However, the same information can be found for free on many sites like Many of their databases are outdated. These are the ones that fool you by making claims that you can earn thousands of dollars a month. They don't even send paid surveys. There is also a new breed of survey scams like speak asia.

Is Speak Asia, a legitimate survey site?

No, they are not actually survey companies. It is an MLM (multilevel marketing) scam similar to money chains and autosurf sites like 12daily. A lot of similar scam artists have recently surfaced pretending to be paid surveys. Apart from speak asia, these include ram survey, aerolite, mysurvey india and some others.

Real market research surveys are fun and help you to earn some extra money and some gifts. It can never be a job in itself. Companies want real opinions, not form fillers. These bogus firms pretending to be survey companies take upto Rs 15000 from you as membership fee. They promise to provide you a fixed number of surveys from which you can supposedly earn huge amounts. Though they might be able to pay some people who joined on the top, they will collapse sooner or later. They advertise testimonials from those who got paid, so that the gullible fall for them. They are able to make the payments only when their member base is growing fast. They will vanish with your money when the growth halts. Stay with real market research companies which have no risk.

How much can I expect to make from online surveys?

This depends on many factors. To earn the maximum, you will have to register with several paid survey companies. Most companies will send only a few paid surveys a month. The number of surveys you get will also depend on demographic profile, that is your age, sex, occupation and other factors. Those working in the IT field, can especially earn more with many of these survey companies. All said and done, the maximum earnings that you can get at present as an Indian is less than 100 US dollars a month from all the companies.

How Do I get paid?

Each paid survey company has its own payment system. Some will send you a cheque for each survey you take. Some pay you through paypal. Others use a points system where you earn points for each paid survey and the points can be cashed in for cash payments or rewards. Some paid surveys will enter you into drawings or sweepstakes. Your chances of winning such sweepstakes are not bad at all.

What is paypal?

Paypal is an online payment processor. It is owned by Ebay. You can make a free personal account at paypal. Many survey companies pay you by paypal. You can withdraw money from paypal in the form of an Indian Rupees cheque, if you have a minimum balance of $150. A free account has a withdrawal limit of $2500. This can be removed by verifying your account by using a credit card. Another great advantage of paypal is that you can use it as an online currency to buy stuff online, particularly online services. To make your free personal paypal account click here.

We have used paypal money to register domain names and buy webhosting. Some cheap and reliable domain registrars who accept paypal include Godaddy and Domainsite. You can obtain cheap webhosting with paypal at Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy etc.

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Is there any software which can help me to join survey sites ?

Roboform is a nice program that can store information such as your name, email, address and other personal data. This will save you lots of time while registering for paid survey sites. It will also save your login names and passwords so you need not remember them all. You can download Roboform at