PAIDSURVEYS.CO.IN Privacy Policy respects your privacy. We will not use any information provided to us in any way that would violate your privacy. does not collect any personally identifiable information from visitors to the site. Other information which are logged by the server are used for the purposes of statistics.

Only instances where collects personal information such as name and email address is when you join our newsletter and when you register at our discussion forum. Registration for our newsletter requires your email address for receiving our newsletter. If you are not a registered user, absolutely no information about you is collected. will NEVER distribute your registration information in any way or under any circumstances, unless required by law. This means that we will not sell, give away or use your information in any other way than what we have mentioned above. We also will not send you unsolicited emails or email of any kind from a third party.

You may receive email from under the following circumstances:

When you first register for the newsletter, you will be sent a confirmation email. This is simply to verify a valid email address and contains a link that must be clicked in order to complete registration. This is not only to eliminate invalid registrations, but also to protect you from having someone else register using your email address.

In the forum, when you post a message, you have the option to receive an email notification when someone replies to your post. You can also choose to receive email notifications on other posts as well. In either case, this is completely optional.

Newsletter subscribers who have opted to receive our newsletter will receive our periodic newsletter by email and nothing more.

Another instance is when you request some information from us by email, we will reply to your email as deemed necessary