Paid to Surf Programs

Paid to Surf programs promised to pay surfers for time spent surfing the internet. They give a adbar which you need to keep open while you surf - these adbars display ads and you were supposed to get paid for watching these ads.

Initially, we had programs like alladvantage, spedia and epipo. Some people made money with them, especially by referring a lot of people to these programs. However, they could not sustain their revenues when the dotcom bubble burst and they disappeared. Then came the era of paid autosurf.

Paid Autosurf was quite popular for some time in the get paid community. You need to invest money to make money out of them. Many people earned massive profits by investing in them. These autosurf sites give you a free account initially with a small amount like $10. You can upgrade this account level by adding your own money. Many people started out by investing whatever they earn in other get paid activities. You have to surf a fixed number of sites daily, this will reward you with a certain percentage of account level. This way you keep on accumulating more money. Your upgrades expire after a certain period of time. You can withdraw your money when you reach a certain account level.

Inherently, investments in autosurfs are risky. Although you may get good returns when the going is good, there is always a chance that funds may dry up and autosurf cannot sustain itself. This happened to Studiotrafiic, 4daily and 12dailypro, the big names in the industry. They are no longer operational and are under FBI investigation for money laundering.

Then came AGLOCO - They claimed to be a new incarnation of Alladvantage. AGLOCO after being launched with much fanfare, could not get sustainable revenues. They ceased operations once they realized that Agloco model is not profitable.

At present we cannot recommend any paid to surf programmes. So stay away from them!

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