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PaidSurveys.co.in has added new information on various ways to earn an online income apart from online surveys.

Paid to post section has been updated with the addition of Shvoong, a program which pays you to write abstracts on books and articles. Also you can find information on where to find more chances at getting paid to post or blog. Mylot is still going strong. Those who have been active with mylot have been able to make in excess of $50 and more. The trick is to stay active and post good stuff frequently. Visit http://www.paidsurveys.co.in/paidtopost.htm to learn more.

Agloco is a great new opportunity to get a share of the online advertising revenue. It has not been launched fully as yet, so we don’t know how successful it will become. However, you can join now and start getting referrals under you so that you can start earning when it is launched (probably in late March). Don’t miss the bus this time. Join Agloco now at http://www.paidsurveys.co.in/paidtosurf.htm

For those who are more serious about earning an online income, we review various opportunities for Indians to get freelance work online. Some of the best ones require a paid membership, but we also have plenty of opportunities which are free. So you can get started without spending a paisa and then become an advanced freelancer once you get more experience. Visit http://www.paidsurveys.co.in/freelance.htm and check out the freelance sites and other useful sites.

Also we give a brief outline of how to start your own website or blog and earn revenue from adsense and affiliate programs. Visit http://www.paidsurveys.co.in/websites.htm for more.

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