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Brand Institute – One of the best paid surveys!

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

Brand Institute is a market research company which is involved in activities like naming of drugs and other brands. They conduct online surveys among doctors, other health professionals and consumers to help in development of new drugs and brands. Once you become a member of Brand Institute, you get survey invitations by email and you can start the survey by clicking on the link in the email. The surveys generally last 15 to 30 minutes.

You get paid for taking these surveys, generally in the range of 10 to 20 US dollars. Indians working in the healthcare field has a great chance to earn money for paid surveys from Brand Institute. At the same time, you help in the development of new brands. Indians can opt to get this money paid to paypal account. Paypal is an online payment processor, a division of ebay. You can make a free personal account at paypal.

I joined them 6 months back and so far have completed 3 surveys and got paid $45 to my paypal account. It generally takes 4-8 weeks  after you complete a survey for your paypal account to get credited. You can have good use with money in paypal account, like for registering at some paid sites. You can also request them a check once you have more than $100 in your account.

You can join Brand Institute by clicking this link- Online Global Recuiting – their recruiting division. Strongly recommended for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others working in health care field.

And don’t forget to check your mail frequently for survey invitations!