My first paid survey site

The first paid survey site I joined was Gozing surveys. Shortly after joining I got my first survey, which was conducted on behalf of Microsoft. The reward was only US $1 for the survey which took 15 minutes. I was supposed to be paid to my paypal account after 6 weeks. But the payment took almost 3 months.

Later I learnt thet things were going slow at gozing surveys as they were being taken over by Greenfield online. Subsequently I received many survey invites from Gozing, of which I qualified only for another $1 survey. In total, I made 2 US dollars in my paypal account from my association with Gozing surveys.

In January 2006, I got a mail from Gozing (now Greenfield Online) that they have stopped operations in my country, India. My account was transferred to Ciao surveys, another market research company which now runs Greenfield’s operations outside North America. Thus my association with one of the¬†better known survey sites was ended.¬†

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  1. Ravi says:

    I am really interested to take paid online surveys. But confused how to know the genuinity of the website. Can you pls help?

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