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One which never send me a survey

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

American Consumer Opinion is one paid survey site which I joined quite early. The site looks professional and I expected to get a lot of paid surveys from them. But till date, I am yet to receive a paid survey from them. But they are quite nice and sends you greetings on birthdays and other occassions.

You might ask why I have included them in my top surveys list. The reason is that some of my friends have received surveys from ACOP. They also have got paid. Payments are in the form of American Express gift cheques which are easy to convert to money. Though they send less frequent surveys, when they do send, they send surveys which pay up to $25. I am still waiting for their first survey.

Best paid survey site for Indians

Monday, March 13th, 2006

Next paid survey site I joined was globaltestmarket. They send the maximum number of surveys for Indians. Each survey typically rewards you with 50 market points. There was even a survey in Hindi. With some additional points received from referring my friends, I could reach the required 1000 market points which is equal to 50 US dollars.

I requested payment and received my cheque of some 2150 rupees one month later. It took almost 6 months for me to reach the payout. What impressed most about globaltestmarket was the frequent surveys I was getting. Without doubt they are the best site for Indians.

My first paid survey site

Sunday, March 12th, 2006

The first paid survey site I joined was Gozing surveys. Shortly after joining I got my first survey, which was conducted on behalf of Microsoft. The reward was only US $1 for the survey which took 15 minutes. I was supposed to be paid to my paypal account after 6 weeks. But the payment took almost 3 months.

Later I learnt thet things were going slow at gozing surveys as they were being taken over by Greenfield online. Subsequently I received many survey invites from Gozing, of which I qualified only for another $1 survey. In total, I made 2 US dollars in my paypal account from my association with Gozing surveys.

In January 2006, I got a mail from Gozing (now Greenfield Online) that they have stopped operations in my country, India. My account was transferred to Ciao surveys, another market research company which now runs Greenfield’s operations outside North America. Thus my association with one of the better known survey sites was ended. 

Welcome to blog!

Friday, March 10th, 2006

I have launched this website and blog so that I can share an Indian’s experiences about earning money online. I joined lots of programs ranging from paid emails to autosurfs in the hope of earning some money online, but none of them turned out to be useful. Paid surveys also looked like scam for me initially

But gradually I started getting surveys and really got paid. Although the earnings were not great, it was free and helped me to get some money in paypal account so that I could invest in things online like domain registration and webhosting. I have seen that gradually I have been getting more surveys. I think that chances to earn money online from paid survey will increase as our economy grows.

Not that I think I can get rich from paid surveys. I just want to share my  experiences so that it will help lots of others who are looking to earn money online. At least I hope it will prevent them from falling to scams and losing their money.