Yoursay announces “Join & Win” grand lucky draw winners from India!

September 14th, 2007

Yoursay is an international paid survey panel. They also have sister sites Morvo and Ovago where you can earn money for trying free offers. They hold quarterly draws which give you the chance to win prizes like Xbox, digital camera or ipods.

This quarter their Join and Win grand prize winners are from India. Check out the Yoursay homepage and join to get a chance to win the grand prize!

Updates at

April 20th, 2007 has added new information on various ways to earn an online income apart from online surveys.

Paid to post section has been updated with the addition of Shvoong, a program which pays you to write abstracts on books and articles. Also you can find information on where to find more chances at getting paid to post or blog. Mylot is still going strong. Those who have been active with mylot have been able to make in excess of $50 and more. The trick is to stay active and post good stuff frequently. Visit to learn more.

Agloco is a great new opportunity to get a share of the online advertising revenue. It has not been launched fully as yet, so we don’t know how successful it will become. However, you can join now and start getting referrals under you so that you can start earning when it is launched (probably in late March). Don’t miss the bus this time. Join Agloco now at

For those who are more serious about earning an online income, we review various opportunities for Indians to get freelance work online. Some of the best ones require a paid membership, but we also have plenty of opportunities which are free. So you can get started without spending a paisa and then become an advanced freelancer once you get more experience. Visit and check out the freelance sites and other useful sites.

Also we give a brief outline of how to start your own website or blog and earn revenue from adsense and affiliate programs. Visit for more.

New Survey Opportunity for Indians

April 20th, 2007

Just got a survey invitation from Myview, worth trying to see whether you qualify. Payment is $10 by paypal, paid to you within 8 weeks, if you qualify and complete the survey.

We know how valuable your time is, and as a token of thanks, we would now like to offer you a reward of 10 USD if you qualify and complete this brief 15 to 20 minute interview.

Please click here to begin the process:

Your input is greatly appreciated!  Please note that only one survey may be completed per household and per e-mail address.

No purchase necessary. Open to respondents that complete the survey and are residents of the US, Canada (excluding Quebec), UK, France, India or Germany and 18+ years of age.  One reward per email address or household.  Please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery. Subject to the MyView Reward Program Terms and Conditions:

Corp Scan Online – A new Indian paid survey site

September 14th, 2006

Corp Scan Online is a recently launched India based paid survey site which describes themselves as a Premier Indian Online Survey Organisation having Transnational Presence.  They have already created quite a good impression as exemplified by the feedback they have generated. Some members have already been paid by them.

Corp Scan rewards you in the form of incentive points. Each point is equivalent to 20 Rupees. Many global market research companies have started using Corp Scan to sample the Indian population. When a survey is available, Corp Scan sends you an e-mail requesting your participation. Rewards for each survey vary from 2 to 40 points depending on various factors. You can earn more points by referring others.

You can request payment when you have accumulated 50 points. Payments are made directly to your bank account. You need to need to provide your account during registration. If you don’t have an account, you can receive gifts sent to your address. You can join Corp Scan Online here – Remember to choose PAIDSURVEYS.CO.IN as your referrer on the second page of registration.

Ciao Surveys launch their India website

August 3rd, 2006

Ciao surveys has just launched their India website. With this, you can expect to get more opportunities to participate in online paid surveys.They are planning surveys in Indian languages also.

Even if you are a member of Ciao International, you have to register separately with Ciao India.

Their payment system has also changed. Earnings for surveys are paid into your Ciao account. When you have reached a minimum account balance of 250 Rupees, you can request payment in the form of an Indiatimes gift voucher, which you can use to shop on their website, which has a wide selection of DVD’s, music, books, jewelry, clothing, games, and more. If you are not a member of Indiatimes, you will have to register on their website for free when you are ready to use your voucher.

Why wait? Join Ciao Surveys India today!

Brand Institute – One of the best paid surveys!

June 1st, 2006

Brand Institute is a market research company which is involved in activities like naming of drugs and other brands. They conduct online surveys among doctors, other health professionals and consumers to help in development of new drugs and brands. Once you become a member of Brand Institute, you get survey invitations by email and you can start the survey by clicking on the link in the email. The surveys generally last 15 to 30 minutes.

You get paid for taking these surveys, generally in the range of 10 to 20 US dollars. Indians working in the healthcare field has a great chance to earn money for paid surveys from Brand Institute. At the same time, you help in the development of new brands. Indians can opt to get this money paid to paypal account. Paypal is an online payment processor, a division of ebay. You can make a free personal account at paypal.

I joined them 6 months back and so far have completed 3 surveys and got paid $45 to my paypal account. It generally takes 4-8 weeks  after you complete a survey for your paypal account to get credited. You can have good use with money in paypal account, like for registering at some paid sites. You can also request them a check once you have more than $100 in your account.

You can join Brand Institute by clicking this link- Online Global Recuiting – their recruiting division. Strongly recommended for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others working in health care field.

And don’t forget to check your mail frequently for survey invitations!

Surveysavvy, a good paid survey site

April 6th, 2006

Surveysavvy is one of the leaders in online market research. They pay good rewards for each paid survey they send. A great feature of surveysavvy is their referral program. For each survey taken by your first tier referral, you get $2 and for second tier referral you get $1. This can be a source of good recurring income.

Surveysavvy do not send many surveys. But when they send, they do pay well. I have so far got only one paid survey which paid $5. But I have also made some $$$ from my referrals. In fact, they send lots of paid surveys to those in the IT field. So if you work in the IT field, this is one of the surveys which you should join first.

One which never send me a survey

March 19th, 2006

American Consumer Opinion is one paid survey site which I joined quite early. The site looks professional and I expected to get a lot of paid surveys from them. But till date, I am yet to receive a paid survey from them. But they are quite nice and sends you greetings on birthdays and other occassions.

You might ask why I have included them in my top surveys list. The reason is that some of my friends have received surveys from ACOP. They also have got paid. Payments are in the form of American Express gift cheques which are easy to convert to money. Though they send less frequent surveys, when they do send, they send surveys which pay up to $25. I am still waiting for their first survey.

Best paid survey site for Indians

March 13th, 2006

Next paid survey site I joined was globaltestmarket. They send the maximum number of surveys for Indians. Each survey typically rewards you with 50 market points. There was even a survey in Hindi. With some additional points received from referring my friends, I could reach the required 1000 market points which is equal to 50 US dollars.

I requested payment and received my cheque of some 2150 rupees one month later. It took almost 6 months for me to reach the payout. What impressed most about globaltestmarket was the frequent surveys I was getting. Without doubt they are the best site for Indians.

My first paid survey site

March 12th, 2006

The first paid survey site I joined was Gozing surveys. Shortly after joining I got my first survey, which was conducted on behalf of Microsoft. The reward was only US $1 for the survey which took 15 minutes. I was supposed to be paid to my paypal account after 6 weeks. But the payment took almost 3 months.

Later I learnt thet things were going slow at gozing surveys as they were being taken over by Greenfield online. Subsequently I received many survey invites from Gozing, of which I qualified only for another $1 survey. In total, I made 2 US dollars in my paypal account from my association with Gozing surveys.

In January 2006, I got a mail from Gozing (now Greenfield Online) that they have stopped operations in my country, India. My account was transferred to Ciao surveys, another market research company which now runs Greenfield’s operations outside North America. Thus my association with one of the better known survey sites was ended.