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Create Your First Website
By Dylan Kingsberry

The following is a quick reference for new/soon to be webmasters, the information contained in this article is simply what has worked for me in the past, all webmasters will develop their own unique ways of going about their daily business.

1. Web hosting

This will be your second hardest decision when it comes to launching your website, when first starting out it is ok to settle for free hosting, many free hosts will also give you a free sub domain, more about that in #2 Domain Names.

If you do settle for a free host you must ensure this is only temporary, for the most part free hosts have terrible uptime and are littered with mandatory banners and or pop ups/unders, this is not a good way to develop a recurring customer base, and if there are 9 banners and pop ups on your site you better be getting paid for them.

In order to choose the correct paid host you have to figure out what your site will need to run, is it an ecommerce site? do you need php/mysql? 35 databases etc. You are the only person that will be able to decide the requirements for your site.

If you are unsure as to exactly what your site needs there are many sites out there that have databases full of web hosts and web host packages/prices.

2. Domain Name

In order to run any website you will need a domain name, no one will ever find you without one, chances are at this stage no one will find you anyway.

There are a few different ways we can go about obtaining a domain name, if you know exactly what you want and have some funds to purchase your .com go ahead and take that plunge, but if your not so sure you have found that perfect name, or if you don’t even know what kind of domain you would like, feel free to settle for a sub domain.

Now in the eyes of a lot of well established webmasters a sub domain from a free host or free domain company is a not a good way to go, I got that a lot when I was starting out, lets face it, with a sub domain no one will ever take you seriously is not very professional or memorable, but it’s a starting point none the less.

Basically what we are trying to do with a sub domain is get your site on the net, that’s all, get it live so you can view it, make changes, fix bugs etc, we don’t want to launch a site that is not user friendly or just plain ugly.

Now after you have your site up at your free sub domain from your free host we have got to start looking at a real .com you will not get anywhere in this business without one. So search around the internet a bit, find a good registrar, at the time of this writing, and all seem to be decent sites, the latter a little pricier than the former but they all have their own pros and cons.

Now, this decision may be the biggest decision of your current project, do you go with a keyword rich domain or take the road less traveled and snatch up a brandable domain? Now you may not know exactly what I’m talking about when I say brandable, if your really new to the game you might not even know keyword rich so I'll try to put it in layman's terms for you.

A keyword rich domain is using the most highly sought after keyword for your site/product etc in your domain name, if I was creating a site on DVD players my domains would possibly be something like this,, etc, a great tool for this is the Overture Keyword Selector found here, google it.

If we want to take our domain the other way and make it brandable much like Google, Yahoo, eBay etc, there really is no “How To” guide, for me caffeine and advil seems help, if you are planning on taking this route I’ve been told using other languages is good, beware the the actual meaning of the term in another language though, the urban legend of the Chevy Nova in Latin America comes to mind, Google brandable domains see what you can find.

3. Web Site Design

If you already know how to code in HTML, PHP etc then you are well on your way and can probably skip this step, if not you have quite a way to go. If you want to create a website it is imperative to learn how to code, you don’t want to pay between $500 and $5000 to create a website on a whim then continue to pay someone every time your site needs updating.

Take a look around the net for some tutorials regarding HTML in order to establish the base of your site, I’m not going to lie, there will be alot of reading and very long nights involved in learning web design, but it will reward you with unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating personal web sites or online communities etc.

Coupled with the design of your site you will at least want to learn the basics of graphic design, the worst thing you can do is buy a brandable domain and throw a generic logo that can be found on 96 other sites on it, this will greatly reduce your ability to stand out from the crowd, after all if you see 96 signs with the same logo but different company names how are you going to remember the 33rd company?

If you absolutely do not want to learn graphic design you can have a logo or layout designed for you at a relatively cheap price, just make sure it is 100% original and you have all .psd files etc before finalizing the transaction.

4. Content is King

Ask any webmaster, they will all agree, content is king, this is the absolute best way to have your site noticed and stand out from the crowd. One well written, keyword rich article pertaining to the content of your site will get you more visitors and a higher search engine ranking then one hundred plain product pages.

Now, I recommend you write your content yourself, whether it is the actual content that brings your site together or an article you've written about your sites topic, it is best to write this yourself. The reason for this is if you don’t actually know everything about your "widget" this is a good way to learn about it, also people will respect the article more and it gives you a feeling of self satisfaction when you finish a nine page article.

If you have trouble writing long articles or putting together a correct sentence you are not left out in the cold, there are many sites out there that have other webmasters as well as freelance writers dying to write an article specifically for your niche, I at one point a few years ago had 6 articles written for me for $7 each, not to bad when you think about the amount of traffic you may get from these articles being on your site. Google freelance writers or contract writers and you will most likely come up with some decent results.

5. Marketing

I don’t care what your site is about, there comes a time when you will have to promote it, if you are just starting out chances are you have a very limited budget, so some tips on how to get visitors to your site for cheap. Forums are a great way to establish a following online, join some forums that relate to the category of your website, spend some time each day posting and getting to know the other forum members, be sure to keep an updated signature (assuming the forum allows signatures) so that anyone reading your post can also view your current project, but don’t expect results right away it often takes months to actually see the users coming from these forums, but be patient and develop a rapport with them, you never know you may even meet a future business partner.

Another way to start instant traffic is to purchase an ad campaign on a site related to yours, this may be a little difficult, some sites prices are very high, the best way to get the most for your money is to purchase links or banners on an up and coming site, if you attempt to purchase banner space on the top site in the business it could easily cost you $200 a week, by buying from the up and comer you will receive a few less visits, but it will cost alot less too.

If the site you are trying to develop is for a product, for the sake of an example we will say candy apples. Another great way to promote it is in your local area, take a day and visit all the local businesses have samples for the staff, ask the craft stores if they wouldn’t mind handing some business cards out for you, if you’re lucky and you have a decent product they may let you sell from there store front, I have heard of this happening many times and people just don’t realize how powerful local business' can be.

6. Update, Update, Update

This is exactly how it sounds, no visitor wants to come to a site that has the same article or look on the homepage for six months, they will simply become bored with it and find a different site promoting the same product. In order to survive online you must update your pages.

If you have a content site, write an article a week, its not hard, but it gives you 52 articles a year, that’s a good starting point and will encourage people to link to your site.

If it is an e commerce site, update the home page with specials, have contests, anything to keep the visitor interested and coming back for more, a content (pardon the pun) visitor is a return visitor.

So now you should now what direction you're going online. Just remember, take your time, don’t throw up a sloppy site, and never ever give up, the internet is probably one of the hardest places to make a living, but the feeling of euphoria you get when you know you can, tops any other high you can experience.

Dylan Kingsberry is the administrator for the website He has been working online since 2002 and is well rounded in all aspects of web design. View more of his articles on his website.

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7 Simple Steps To Uncovering Great Niche Market Web Site Ideas...
By Brian Terry

Discover how easy it can be to come up with potentially profitable web site ideas by following these simple 7 steps.

1. What are your personal passions?

All niche marketing experts agree that when you're working on creating your first niche product it's important to "tap into" any passions you might already have.

Imagine how much easier it's going to be when you're working on something you have a real "passion" for!

Here's a great place you can start start to get things moving...

Spend 5 minutes "brainstorming" all that interest you, go ahead and just write down anything that comes to mind.

If you can't think of anything right now then I've got the perfect solution for you. Recently I created an amazing web site that actually generates niche website ideas at the "touch" of a button.

You can access this great web site idea generator right here for free:

2. Who else shares your passion?

It's all very well having an interest or a passion, but what if there are few others who love what you love? What you need to look for is a large group of people (or a niche market) online who share your same passion.

This is easy to do, just go to type in the subject of your passion then add the word "forums" to the end, then press the "Google Search" button.

So for example if you have a passion for Fly Fishing just do a search in Google for "Fly Fishing Forums".

In less than a second you'll see at a glance how many forums there are about your chosen subject. Go ahead and check a few of them out so see how active they are.

It's these forums where you'll find all the people who will ultimately become your customers or visitors to your niche market website idea.

If there are none or very few of these forums, just go back to step 1. and brainstorm some more. On the other hand if there are plenty of these online forums around move onto step 3.

3. Show me the money!

Once you've found a market of people who share your interest there are a few more things you need to know before taking another step...

a) Do they have a credit card? b) Are they used to making online purchases.

The reason why you need to ask this is because not everyone has a credit card and is prepared to use it online.

So how do you find out if your niche market has what it takes to buy whatever you plan on selling?

Simply go back to the original search you did on Google. This time look at the advertisements on the right hand side of the page. If you can see plenty of advertisement that's great! it means that other people are paying money to advertise to your niche market (or the people who share your passion).

If there are few advertisements on your Google search results page, just go back to step 1 and start over.

4. Give 'em what they want!

Here's where the fun begins...

You've found your niche market, you know they have money to spend, now you need to find out what they want.

What you must do now is get into the "meat" of the matter and find out from the horses mouth exactly what people need, create a product to fill that need, then sell it to them.

How do you do this?

Step 1: Set up what's called an "Ask Campaign" website.

Step 2: Advertise your "Ask Campaign" website in Google to target your niche market.

5. Words are the true currency

It's time to get back to "brainstorming" again as this time we need to know what the people in your niche market are searching for, more specifically what words and phrases they're using.

There's a great free tool I recommend called "Good Keywords" which you can get here:

This is the "brilliant" tool that's going to get you ever more "closer" to discovering your next great niche market web site idea. It's through this essential tool that you'll discover how many people are searching for things within your niche market.

What you need to do next is collect the top 10 keywords and phrases people are using within your niche market. Once armed with this list it's time to get your Ask Campaign set up and in place.

6. Ask it!

Everything you need to know about setting up an Ask Campaign can be found here:

Once you've got your Ask Campaign website set up it's time to get it in front of as many people in your niche market as possible. What you're going to do is get them to ask you a question. The questions they ask you will reveal the problems they are facing. Once you know what problems they face you're in a great position to deliver the solution.

Here's my own Ask Campaign web site... go ahead an ask me a question :-)

7. Google it!

Build it and they will come... only when you have your Google Ads in place!

To open up your Google AdWords account just go here:

What you're going to do now is write small ads that drive people to your "Ask Campaign" website where you just ask them to ask you a question, for example... "As someone interested in "X" what is the biggest problem you're facing right now?"

So there you have it... the "7 Simple Steps To Uncovering A Great Niche Market Web Site Idea".

Recently one of my subscribers asked me "If there was one single skill to master that makes the biggest difference as an online niche marketer, what would it be?"... I simply said, learn as much as you can about how to Advertise in Google.

To help you on your way, here's a great no cost Google Adwords course:

Brian Terry is the creator of the world's first online niche market website idea generator. You can generate well over 4,708 niche web site ideas at the touch of a button by visiting There's An Idea!:

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