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Steps to Success for Affiliate Marketing
By Ken Shorey

Affiliate marketing programs are considered the best way to earn an income online. It is the number one choice for most new work from home enthusiast. The reason is clear. The affiliate marketing model makes it possible for anyone to start promoting a product quickly and earn income. There is no overhead and no production cost. The only cost comes from marketing the product.

The primary steps for becoming a work at home affiliate marketer include:

1) Find a product you want to market

2) Generate traffic to your sites

3) Capture contact information from targeted prospects via an opt-in form

4) Earn a commission

5) Rinse and repeat

These are the basics for becoming an affiliate marketer. Choosing an affiliate Product is relatively easy. Some work at home affiliate marketers find products that they use or have an interest in. Other work at home affiliates choose high dollar products so they maximize their earning power. Once you have a product that you want to market.

The next question is who will be your target audience. This is the most important element in your marketing strategy. Your goal is to find prospects for the merchant. There are millions of individuals who want what you are selling, your task is to identify them, and find out where they hang out.

Making use of strong marketing campaigns is important for successful work at home affiliate No one can deny the power of Google Adwords as a way to combine affiliate marketing with high profits.

Promoting your website using Google AdWords entails finding inexpensive keywords to market your site. Finding a low cost high profit affiliate marketing campaign using Google is a challenge. It takes times to analyze and choose the correct keywords to use. However, the payoff is worth it. Success with Google Adwords means taking the time to do the research then doing the necessary work to implement a good marketing campaign.

Along with Google Adwords that generates traffic to your site, you must monetize this traffic by capturing the personal information from your visitors. To do this successfully, you need an opt-in page that converts visitors into subscribers.

Some affiliate marketers use blogs to perform these two functions. A blog is a cheap way to have an interactive website. The search engines love blogs so there is more traffic to your website. Making use of this traffic to expand your opt-in list is an effective way to build a long term growing affiliate business.

Your blog can be used a third party endorsement for your product. You should write a detailed, honest review of the product you are selling. Keep adding to the content of your blog by using some of the marketing material provided by the affiliate manager. The challenge here is to keep your blog updated and let the search engines know that your blog is alive and well by “pinging” them.

So, you have selected a product. You have identified your target market. You know how to market this product to your target audience using Google Adwords as a paid program. You also want to start your own blogs to get more targeted traffic from the search engines. Lastly, you will gather your visitor’s information so that you can monetize your traffic.

Once you have permission from a site visitor to contact them, you can create an ongoing profitable relationship with your customers. You can sell to them over and over again. One you have your affiliate advertising/marketing campaigns set up, you have an autopilot income.

Ken Shorey is owner/webmaster of Visit his site to learn how to make money online working at home.

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Tips for the Business Savvy: How to Choose the Best Affiliate Programs to Join
By Mario D. Churchill

Internet marketing is growing ever more difficult as the global marketplace expands. As more and more people buy goods and services online, more and more businesses are also scrambling to take their wares to the World Wide Web. The result is a virtual marketplace where everyone is promised a chance to earn money, but where people rarely do so.

There is hope for earning money online, and this comes in the form of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a technique of promoting online businesses, where various online businesses join an affiliate program, and are paid for every visit, subscription, customer, or successful sale for the affiliate. The online business can earn commission through various ways, depending on the terms of the affiliate program.

Commission can be generate through pay per click, where an amount of money is sent to the member of the affiliate program every time a site visitor clicks on an advertisement posted on the affiliate site. Other affiliate programs pay on a pay per lead basis, where money is given to the member of the program every time a new customer registers through a link from the affiliate site.

Many businesses have grown and prospered due to this marketing technique. Small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, have enjoyed more popularity because they were able to latch on to large affiliate programs early. Due to the proliferation of affiliate programs, however, affiliate members tend to earn less money. Affiliate programs, moreover, have become derogatory, and tend to be associated with multi-level marketing scams.

Affiliate programs, however, can still allow you to earn money if you know how to select the best affiliate program that you should join. If you are interested in joining an affiliate program, take note of the following tips.

• Some affiliate programs require you to have your own website. Other programs will request you to follow an existing template that their affiliate sites use. If you already have your own website and are garnering many visits, then you may want to retain your website and look for an affiliate program that will require little of you in terms of online modifications.

If you are interested in adopting the affiliate program’s template, however, then ask for a copy of the site template, or look at the websites of their current members. If the template appeals to your tastes, and if the members earn more visitors than you do, then you may want to change the look of your website and join such an affiliate program.

• The most active affiliate programs are those that include gambling, retail, and adult associated sites. If your website does not cater in any way to these three markets, then do not lose hope. Also experiencing rapid growth are affiliate marketing programs associated with the travel, finance, and mobile phone sectors. If you can tailor your business to fit the needs of travelers, mobile phone users, or even gamblers, then see how you can fit into the affiliate program.

• Read the terms of commission, and see what ways you can earn money. There are different methods for you to earn commission through affiliate marketing. Pay per impression commissions are earned every thousand times an advertisement is displayed on your site. Pay per click commissions are earned every time the advertisement is clicked. Pay per lead commissions are given when customers register with the main affiliate site after going through your site. Pay per sale commissions are given to you as a percent of the order that a customer makes at the main affiliate site after going to them through your site.

An emerging commission model is the pay per call, a scheme where commissions are paid after calls are made to the main affiliate site after a referral from your site. Whatever the method you choose, make sure that you are ready to update your site to accommodate the advertisements that you will need to post. Make sure that your site keywords are also in order, so that you know what advertisements will be placed on your site, and what advertisements your site visitors may be interested in.

Explore these aspects of the affiliate program that you wish to join. As soon as you know the compensation scheme that you want, and the market that you want to cater to, then begin selecting among the many affiliate programs available online. The best affiliate program will be one that will cater to your market and even widen your market reach. The best affiliate program will be one that will earn you money and make your business grow online.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more information on the best affiliate program or to find a webmaster affiliate program checkout his recommended websites.

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